Face the Truth
What is the Real Problem?
  • Many of today's managers were super sales people that were thrown into management roles without any formal management training.
  • Many managers avoid training due to the fact that they just don't know how.
  • Most training courses fail because the managers simply run out of content once they complete the basic 'steps to the sale'.
  • Salespeople have a tendency to choose the easiest path, and that path doesn't always have the dealer's best interests in mind.

Let's face it. It's easier to get where you are going, if you use the right map.

Invest in Your People - One Day at a Time
Bad Training Affects Everyone!
  • The average sales person has less than 30 days of formal sales training.
  • Many new sales people are encouraged to "shadow" or copy the actions of poor sales people. They learn bad habits from the start.
  • 80% of salespeople are uncomfortable talking about money with customers. (Negotiating gives them fear.)
  • Most (Newly Hired) sales people have little or no prior sales experience.
  • U75% of you current sales people are under performers.
  • 50% of sales people have no desire to become a super star salesman. They just want to pay the bills.
  • Sales people in general are afraid of the phone and have no idea of how to use it for prospecting.
Keep control of your Dealership
  • Instructional Videos
  • Handouts/Training Aids
  • New Hire Boot Camp
  • Product Knowledge Base
  • Forecasting
  • Sales Activity Monitoring
  • Customized Training Concepts
  • Stunning Visuals
  • Sales Games/Contest
  • Evaluations and Coaching
  • Continually Updates Database
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Turn Your Sales People into Superstars

Your dealership already has everything it needs.

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Sales Planning

Monthly , Quarterly and Annual Sales Forecasting and Salesperson Goal setting


By following our process you can ...

  • Increase your unit sales by 15% to 30%.
  • Increase gross profits by 20% or more.
  • Significantly improve your customer satisfaction scores.
  • See immediate results in as little as 30 days.
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Key Features
Key Features
Instructional videos
100's of hours of...
Instructional videos
100's of hours of instructional videos.
Boot Camp
Introduce your new sales people....
Boot Camp
Introduce your new sales people to the complicated automobile business.
In the know
A communication system that allows...
In the know
A communication system that allows you to send individual or group text messages.
Monthly Activities
A comprehensive system....
Monthly Activities
A comprehensive system to forecast monthly activities of your sales team.
Training Calendar
A fully customizable training calendar...
Training Calendar
A fully customizable training calendar - You'll choose what lessons to teach and at what times.
Updated Databases
A content database that is continually...
Updated Databases
A content database that is continually updated.
Training Concepts
The latest training concepts and models...
Training Concepts
The latest training concepts and models - Including activities and exercises that are highly interactive.
Handouts to ensure your people...
Handouts to ensure your people are engaged and that they understand the topic.
Innovative and engaging sales...
Innovative and engaging sales games.
Visuals that provide high impact...
Visuals that provide high impact messages.
Evaluation Process
Simple evaluation processes...
Evaluation Process
Simple evaluation processes for both managers and salespeople, aimed to increase overall sales volume and profit.

Courses We Offer

Our main objective is to ensure that salespeople are able to realize their profit targets in shorter periods of time. You can eliminate your sales teams common issues and pitfalls by enabling them learn fresh new and exciting content. The needs of experienced sales people are very different than the needs of new ones. One of our goals is to keep your sales meetings focused on both.

Advanced Sales Techniques

Objection Handling

Closing Techniques

Phone and Appointment Skill

Email & Follow UP

Prospecting / Networking

Internet & Social Media

Leadership & Management Training

The people that you hire today will determine your overall success tomorrow. You need to identify the right people, at the right time and put them in the right position.

Ultimately everyone wins

The customer, the salespeople and the dealership due to improved performance. All of your managers and salespeople should be equipped with the necessary skills to succeed in today's vastly changing market. The market is indeed quite dynamic and it is important to ensure your staff is adequately equipped to meet the needs of today's buyer. If your managers are able to properly coach, mentor and motivate your salespeople, there are no limits to everyone's success.

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New managers, experienced managers or even first time trainers will all benefit from our innovative approach to the training process.
For instance,
you are able to choose
  • What you want to teach.
  • When you want to teach it.
  • Who you want present.

Our innovative calendar enables everything to flow smoothly and everyone can easily see what is happening and what is coming next.

365 Autosales Training
What You Can Expect
  • Full control of monitoring, developing and managing your staff.
  • On demand modules designed to deliver engaging fun and effective training.
  • The ability to efficiently deliver effective and informative sales meetings that everyone can follow.
  • Logical, stand-alone training modules that deliver high impact.
  • Fun activities that highlight important key issues.
  • Energize your team by providing valuable learning points while stressing and developing specific skills.

Explainer Video

Remember that your salespeople are there to sell cars, not to be trapped in long sales meetings. Training sessions should be short, sweet and to the point to ensure that your sales team is energized the whole day. The idea is to teach them critical sales skills that they will need to take your dealership to the next level. These fast efficient and compact courses are designed to deliver a comprehensive approach on specific targeted topics.

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Sell More Cars &
Make More Money

Most dealerships have put in place inadequate sales training that has served to undermine their overall performance. The main objective of the my365AST website is to help dealerships enhance their overall sales training capabilities. There are many ambitious sales managers and sales people who want to make "it big" early in their career. This website helps to ensure that such individuals are equipped with the skills and capabilities to reach their overall goals.

About Us

Information is power. We will help you discover, interpret, and communicate meaningful patterns in your sales data.


See what’s going on. Easily see what your store and other managers are doing for training up to 3 weeks in advance.


Visually look at data and compare your sales performance in ways that are helpful and easy to understand.

Are you selling or negotiating?

One of our objectives is to equip dealers and their staff with the resources to improve both their selling and negotiation skills. The program emphasizes the importance of understanding the difference between actual selling vs. negotiating. It's important to appreciate the fact that negotiation does not undermine selling and vice-versa.

We teach the fundamentals to convert customer demands into needs and this will ultimately translate into increased sales. You will learn to conclude negotiations in such a manner that it will not ultimately hurt existing relationships or potential future customers.

What people say about us

Clients Testimonials

This site definitely appeals to everyone because the layoutis so simple but VERY effective. We have tried several training systems over the years and this one is by far the best. Two thumbs up to the my365ast team and their content developers.

Joseph Hart General Manager

The design is very professional and well done. I love the way the calendar works, as it shows exactly what is happening within the dealership. The videos are fun and informative and the classes are very easy to teach. I wish we found this website years ago.

Elliot Williamson General Manager

It is easy to navigate this site because allthe links are rightthere on the left hand side. The personality profile helps my managers handle the salespeople easier than before. I love the Team Building games, and they are fun to watch.

Samantha Barker General Manager

They have given me exactly what I wanted. Daily training for my dealership and a program that lets me monitor everything without a ton of extra effort. I can log on once a day and if everything is green, I know my managers are doing what I expect them to do.

Bill Walker General Manager

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