Flexible Plans to Fit Your Budget

Choose the plan that works best for your dealership.

Our pricing is flexible, so you can upgrade your account at any time.

No special access code of web certificate needed.


    Basic Package

    $899/ Mo
    You Train!

    You will get instant access to our entire library of training materials. Every day your managers will have fresh materials to cover in your daily sales meetings.

    • Customizable Training Calendar
    • High Impact Visuals/Handouts
    • 100’s of Instructional Videos
    • Basic & Advanced Training
    • Latest Training Concepts
    • Sales Meetings & Team Building
    • FREE - New Hire Boot Camp

    Manager Accountability:

    • Recruiting / Training
    • Coaching / Mentoring
    • Monitoring / Evaluating
    • Goal Setting / Motivation
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    Full Service Package

    $4,500 / Mo
    We Train!

    Our standard program includes (2) two one-hour classes weekly. Every month the trainer will focus on a different area of training. The trainer will plan training topics a month in advance with your training team to maximize results.

    Your dealership will receive personalized training designed to meet your needs. Services will include sales training as well as coaching services for your managers to help build a stronger sales team.

    Sales training topics include:
    • Using formal sales processes
    • Inbound / Outbound Phone Skills
    • Objections / Closing Transitions
    • Negotiations / Solutions Selling
    • Prospecting / Customer Relationships
    • Sold & Unsold Customer Follow-up
    • Networking / Using Social Media
    • Listening and Acknowledgement Skills

    Internet/BDC topics include:
    • Business Development
    • The Internet Sales Process
    • Understanding the Online Customer
    • Effective Email Etiquette / Follow-Up
    • Setting More Appointments
    • Achieving Internet Sales Success

    The monthly fees include:
    • All Travel Expenses (except hotel)
    • Course materials
    • Online Access to Training Materials

Frequently Asked Questions

MY365AST plans are paid monthly or yearly. We make it simple to start — and stop — your service at any time.
Yes, we offer discounts on up-front long-term commitments. You also have the ability to upgrade your account at any time. You will get the special pricing for that plan.
No. All MY365AST plans include all fees. No hidden charges or fees of any type.
No. MY365AST is a fully-managed web service. We do have plans to make a downloadable version so that service will be faster. We haven’t determined a time table for this project.
There are many ways to pay for your account. You can set up a recurring payment to your debit card, Credit Card or PayPal account. The preferred payment method is a business check paid directly from your accounting department.
You can start with a 1 month trial. If you like the service, you can upgrade to the next level and take advantage of the pricing discount.
Canceling MY365AST is an easy and no-questions-asked process. It’s done online right from your site manager.
Yes. You can request email accounts by contacting the site administrator. E-mail accounts will be available to all users of the MAIN account. E-Mail service will not be provided to your salespeople.
Our support team is available 24/7 and usually responds quickly. Visit our Help & Support Center to contact them.

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