About Us

Robert D. Little

Robert Little is a 30+ year veteran of sales and management in the automotive business. Throughout his long career, Robert has held almost every position within a car dealership. He specializes in Sales Management and Finance. For the past 21 years, Robert has worked closely with his peers to develop the most comprehensive training system possible. Through many years of hard work and dedication, he is glad to be leading the 365 Auto Sales Training network and is ready and able to help others make it in their careers. This Training Program is the result of helping thousands upon thousands of customers and working closely with many managers throughout the industry.

Vice President
Michael Bowling

Mr. Michael Bowling is a 22+ year veteran of sales and management in the automotive business. Throughout his highly successful career, Mr. Bowling has served in many major roles in the automobile industry, and performed each position at very a high level of standards. Mr. Bowling has conquered several grand milestones of success throughout his long career, yet he feels his greatest success along with self fulfillment, is  in that of helping others develop and find their own successes.

Mr. Bowling specializes in Sales Management and Finance. For the past 22 years, Michael has worked in collaboration with direct sales professionals to develop the most comprehensive training system imaginable. Through 22+ years of commitment, Mr. Bowling is more than ecstatic to be a big part of the 365 Auto Sales Training Network. It starts with the gritty determination to allow others to see their overall career goals become a true reality. 

The 365 Auto Sales Training Program is a direct result of using the combined 50+ years of experience, along with working closely with aid and wisdom of many highly skilled and successful managers throughout the industry, resulting in one of the most direct, real world and effective training programs available in our industry.

National Training Director
Bob Carmack

Bob Carmack has more than 30 years experience in the retail automotive business. He is driven to help us build and maintain a high performance sales organization to effectively achieve our business objectives. He possesses all the core competencies and drive required to create an effective and efficient sales organization. He is responsible for Managing and Directing the individual state managers as well as the team of account managers that report to the state managers. He is a welcome new part of our sales team and we plan to grow together for many years to come.

Project Manager / Network Engineer
Shanmuga Ganesh

Shanmuga Ganesh has more than 15 years of technical expertise with software implementation and server management. He is responsible for managing our company’s web presence, ensuring that our site is user-friendly and up to date at all times. Working with our technology team, he has expanded our presence through the design and implementation of new web-based applications that have positively impacted our customers experience. He is highly knowledgeable in server management and online security, content management and has solid coding skills.

Meet The My365AST Corporate Staff

These individuals are the foundation of the business. They represent the finest group of individuals the industry has to offer. They include the director of marketing, the training manager, the accounting department as well as our team of research and analysts to determine the needs of our clients.

We are still looking for a few great people to complete our corporate staff. Please see our 'job Opportunities' page to get more information on the positions still available.