Nothing is better than Face-to-Face (Hands On) Training!

If you want to be a successful dealership, you must train like one!

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  • Each Manager Takes an Active Role
  • Customize Your Training Calendar
  • Training is Scheduled Weeks in Advance
  • Keep Communication Lines Open
  • Educate and Earn as a Team
The Power of Face-to-Face Training
Digital Training –VS- Face-to-Face Training

Most dealers know that sales/management training is important. Many are wondering whether they should do their training online or the old-fashioned way (face-to-face). Worry not. Remember, the nature of the automotive sales industry is very different to that of other sales-oriented sectors. Therefore, to have the right knowledge and skills in this field, you need to undergo the right type of training.


Before we dive into why face-to-face automotive sales training is better, we must first acknowledge how the Digital Age has changed our way of living. The internet has made communication better than it was before. Nowadays, you can send emails to your potential clients and other associates or even communicate with them via social media. As a matter of fact, a lot of people are working online. They don’t have to actually go to a physical location.This, however, isn’t the case when it comes to selling automobiles.

Buyer Behavior

95% of the population still buys their vehicles the old fashioned way by visiting a showroom. As an auto salesperson, you can’t, therefore, work from home.We must admit that before all this digitalization took ahold of our world, people used to interact more. People could hang out for coffee but nowadays everyone simply prefers to just text the other person. This shows how this digital way of communication is interfering with how we communicate. It’s no longer as effective as it used to be.

You Choose!

You might be in a dilemma wondering whether to engage in digital or physical automotive training? But the answer is simple. Through physical interaction, you will be able to easily learn from the memorable experiences that you will share with your manager/trainer. Moreover, the more memorable an experience is, the easier your salespeople will be able to grasp it. Learning face-to-face how to approach a client in a showroom/dealership will have more impact on your skills than watching it being done online.

Why Physical Interaction Works!
Physical Interaction and its Relevance in Education

When it comes to auto sales training, there has been an increase in the number of such courses being offered online. Everyone wants to be a better salesperson. As a result, many trainers are opting to use online courses. You, however, need to rethink your decision and make a judgment on whether being trained online will give your salespeople sufficient knowledge?


Despite the fact that digital training will grant you some benefits such as convenience and ease of access. You must question the quality and effectiveness of the training. Research has proven that up to date; face-to-face training still remains better and more effective than digital training.

Personal Touch

There are a lot of conveniences associated with face-to-face training such as the physical appearance of the trainer in the classroom. Auto sales experts argue that digital training isn’t meant for the auto industry. It might work for other sales-oriented fields but not automotive sales. Moreover, the most successful and popular vehicle showrooms/dealerships worldwide prefer salespeople who have undergone face-to-face training.

Team Building

Classroom training (Face-to-Face) is most ideal for small groups and especially in cases where interaction, team building, and/or nonverbal communications are vital to achieving learning objectives. Role-play and simulations, often used in sales and management training, are perfect activities for live classroom sessions.

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We designed our training classes to be short, informative and effective. We believe that training classes are better kept to an average of 20 minutes per lesson. By doing so, we avoid losing the salespeople attention.


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Fun Training Facts!
Still Not Convinced that Automotive Face to Face Training is the Better Option?
  • Via face to face training, you will be able to establish a good relationship with both your manager and other sales associates. This is something that you can’t achieve via digital training. Remember, a good automotive salesperson must always know all the auto sales tricks at the back of their heads. There is a lot that you can learn from a fellow employee or trainer with whom you’ve established a strong bond.
  • Face to face learning usually adds a personal element to the overall coursework. For you to become a better auto salesperson, you must always learn how to fuse your personality with your line of work. Learning these skills face-to-face will enable you to picture yourself as an automotive salesperson and how to better your personal traits; such as confidence.
  • Through physical training, you will be able to undergo the complete auto sales coursework which entails both the theory and the practical parts.
  • Face to face training encourages more participation of the salesperson in the program. Unlike digital auto sales training where the salesperson may participate half-heartedly.
  • It also encourages full communication that is by use of both verbal and non-verbal cues. At the dealership, your non-verbal communication greatly determines whether a client may or may not buy a car.
  • Finally, during practical sessions, an instructor-led program is often a quite effective training method. This is something that you definitely won’t experience when you opt for digital automotive training.
Misleading Digital Advantages
What are some of The Misleading Advantages of Digital Auto Sales Training?

Gaging by the popularity of digital auto sales training programs nowadays, there are some misleading advantages that have been making rounds all over the internet. One false advantage is that digital training programs are cheaper than face to face training. This is quite false because after digital training your salespeople won’t have acquired the proper knowledge. And you will be forced to repeat lessons. This will cost you more than face to face training programs.

Don't Get Fooled!
Be a Leader, Coach and Mentor!

As you can see above, digital auto sales training may appear to be quite convenient for you especially if you have a busy schedule. But, you won’t be getting the full package. Weighing out between the two, face-to-face automotive sales training is much more efficient and effective in offering your employees the skills that you require in order to become a top performing dealership. You will be able to recall what your manager/trainer said at all times. Moreover, during face-to-face training, there will be minimal disruptions and you will be able to bond with other sales people and your trainer(s).